See what Mompha said about those who tagged him with FBI & Interpol

See what Mompha said


See what Mompha said

The popular Nigeria billionaire Ismail Mustafa known as Mompha just post on his Twitter account to greet and blast those who tagged him with Interpol & FBI.

Due to the arrest of the popular Nigeria billionaire hushpuppi (Rahmon) Mompha friend by Interpol in arab country Dubai.

The arrest of hushpuppi is because he hacked the system with the amount of $13billion ventilator money mearnt for United States citizen.

Mompha cursed those who tagged him with Interpol & FBI due to the Arrest of Rahmon hushpuppi. Check below.

mompha O Allah, please grant every believing
man and woman: Your mercy, Your guidance,
Your blessings and Your forgiveness (Amin)

JUMMA’AT Mubarah ! Note: For those idiots
tagging fbi aņd interpol on my page and saying
you are next na thunder go fire those hand you use
in typing by the special Grace you idiot thinh fbi
or interpol dont know mompha you must
be really sick fucking hypocritcs they never
mind their busiņess Bastards! Outfit

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